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About the Samurai
Samurai: /ˈsam(j)ʊrʌɪ/
noun: samurai; plural noun: samurai; plural noun: samurais

In this twitch channel you will see the kaicho dropping some gameplay.

The samurai will try to showcase different games for your entertainment. Sometimes he even will be trying to stream some VR content but most of the time he will also stream flatgames.

There are no favourite games in general because a samurai tries to serve as best as he cans and tries to satisfy his master, in this case his audience.

This does not mean that he is a slave to his audience. He is a proud and brave fighter who tries to give his best for your personal entertainment.

Since a samurai is living by bushido, the code of honor for the samurais, polite behaviour is required if you enter the chat section of this channel. Rude behaviour, trolling or discrimnation will not be tolerated and people will get banned.

I hope that the samurai can serve your needs for entertainment well and that you can have a good time watching his streams.
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