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Hi there!

My name is Bammy, pretty obvious by my user name, but ya know.

I'm new to Dlive. i used to stream on twitch, but i found my self wanting to be a little less restricted by what i could do, so i moved on over here!

I'm your local nub in a tub! i consider my self to be a variety streamer, i tend not to stick to one game.

I have ADHD so my attention span and video games can sometimes be a bit all over the place!

Due to slow reflexes and a general dislike for fast-paced games, i tend not to play many FPS games. When i do though, be prepared to watch me truly and utterly suck at a video game! and get rather creative with my language.

I've always loved the idea of building a community that enjoys the same type of games as i do, so welcome on it, please sit back and relax!

Wanna get some swanky looking artwork for your channel? check out, my designer! he's done some incredible work for me.
As i've recently loved over to a new platform, I'm still in the process of setting some things up, as such i currently don't have a donation link.

If you do want to donate, please note it's never mandatory. always optional and super-duper appreciated.

Donations are final and none refundable.
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Honestly, right now I don't have a schedule set in stone. I mainly stream when I feel like it, once I've settled into my new home here, I hope to start streaming a few days a week.
Stream loots allow you the user to purchase packs which enable you to add in fun modifiers to the games I play. They are no enabled for all games I play, but over time I hope to make them enable for most games
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I rarely use Twitter, so i won't spam your feed with rubbish.. unless it's Bulbasaur pictures..