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Who Am I?
That is the 1 Meeeeeelion $$$ question. My name is Baron Von Derg (Or shorter, Adam) and these are my musings into gaming, streaming for fun. I invite you to join me along this journey! I'm passionate, impulsive, hyper active and can be a bit of a derp!

Hit me up (on social media), I'm friendly and enjoy good humor!

You Glorious Person
If you feel so kind as to leave me - your host - a tip; I will be very humble and grateful for your worthy donation! It'll be put to very good use - either updating equipment or stream stuff - or just keeping me fed on those cold lonely nights.
The Specs
• Intel Core i7 6700K
• Asus Z170-K,
• 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Ram
• 8gb GTX EVGA 1070ti
• 250GB Corsair SSD (And Many Others)
• Samsung LC32JG50 31.5" 2560x1440 VA 144Hz Curved Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor (my gosh thats tough to say in one breath!)
• BenQ XL2411 144mhz Monitor (former main)
• Samsung 28" 4K 60Hz Monitor
• SteelSeries M750 Cherry Red keyboard
• Corsair Glaive RGB Mouse
• A variety of microphones - currently
the Sennheiser ME66K
• Interface is an Audient ID4
• Headphones - (I have a problem)- are either
Sennheiser PC363D or Sennheiser HD380 Pro or Beyerdynamic DT770 headphones
Dems De Rules
The rules - so speaketh the Baron!

Be respectful

Have fun - but not at the expense of others or your graceous host!

Do not post random links - BaronBot will not enjoy it and you won't like the result.

Any repeated offenses shall result upon the distasteful cape swish and a swift silence or DAS BOOT!
The Socials
Follow me on my various social bits for my up to date streamings or just random mutterings!
Guilty by affiliation
I'm proud to announce that I have been fortunate enough to become affiliated with an amazing audio hardware comapny - Sennheiser!

Click the icon to follow my affiliate link which will kick back some of the purchase my way! Don't delay - buy an amazing upgrade today!
Voice Acting
When I'm not streaming, I'm a bustin voice actor. Auditioning like a machine, reading like a boss! My editing skills arent bad and I 'd love to see how I can help your project.

Feel free to get in touch!
Get in touch
I have a number of ways to get in touch! Drop me an email for proposals or just to say hi!

baronvonderggames [at] gmail dots com