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Rule book

Mods reserve the right to mute you if you're breaking any rules.

► Have Common Sense
► Limit Cursing
► No Spam
► English speakers only
► Don't sperg out and argue

Business Inquires only
Hey guys, I'm Nick!

I'm a Bible-thumpin' teen from Southern California. You may be agreeing or disagreeing with me, my streams are not for the easily offended. We all have the right to think, speak, and assemble freely. If you don't like what I'm saying then you can do the mature thing and leave the channel peacefully. Most of my streams will consist of IRL Urban Exploring when I get money for the proper equipment! Thank you!

Help me help others!

If you would like to make a donation please donate to one of the charities I've linked to the right. These consist of local churches, relief for our troops, animal shelters, homeless veterans & more!

Donations are not required and I do not stream for money. If you would like to donate to help me please like I said donate to the charities, it would mean alot!

More info about the charities and organizations you will be helping are on the list to the right of this panel under "Continued...". I will be adding more to the list! Most of these organizations were handpicked by me since they seem to never be mentioned & the people they're assisting never get the help or attention they need.
Which organizations will you be helping?

I provided the links below in case YOU want to donate to them directly.
► San Diego Humane Society
► Code of Vets
(Press 'Donate' on page & redirects to their paypal)
► Gary Sinise Foundation
► Feeding San Diego
► Personhood (anti-abortion)
Operation Gratitude
(Other ways to give is listed below their donation page.)