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- Hey there! my real name is Adrian,but i'm more well known by my stage name (Bboy)Breeze.
- I'm a 25 years old Filipino living in Japan
- I speak English and Japanese
- I work as a Talent in Japan
- What's talent you ask? I basically Act, Sing Model and Dance on Japanese TV Shows Commercials, Gigs and Battle Events. (if you check my Instagram or YouTube playlist you can see some of the work I've done)
- I also direct photo shoots as a side job. (Dancer Singer Model Actor Director)
- I'm a huge fan of Darkhumor, so please forgive and excuse my language during my streams!
- Check me out on Instagram! i upload weird stuff once in a while because i love dark humor, but you can also see my dance life and the line of work i do!
-I am part of 2 dance teams! One of which I am the leader called Theムササビ and TeamBlackStarz! Im into drinking, singing, anime, hiphop, jazz, guitar and gaming.
- My Youtube Channel! mainly consist of dancing and IRL videos! Check My battle history playlist to see me kill it in battles!
For business inquiry:
- Gaming/IRL/Singing (5-8hr Stream starting from 7pm or 11pm)
- Gaming/Singing (5-8hr Streaming starting from 7pm or 11pm)
- Dance practice/IRL/Gaming/Singing (2-3hr Stream starting from 7pm or 11pm)
- Gaming/Singing (5-8hr Stream starting from 7pm or 11pm)
- Dance practice/IRL/Gaming/Singing (2-3hr Stream starting from 7pm or 11pm)
- Off/Gaming/Singing (8-12hr Stream starting from 7pm or 11pm)
- Off/Gaming/Singing (8-12hr Stream starting from 7pm or 11pm)
As much as i love gaming i'd love to stream singing, dancing and irl stuff too if requested or if i feel like it. I watch a lot of anime so ill be reacting to them as well! please give me any ideas on chat if you have any games or songs you want me to play! Sometimes ill just disappear so message me on my social medias to check up on me if i do!
Use Code/Coupon "bboybreeze15"
on all products for 15% off!
Talk to me and my dumbass friends on discord if dare haha!
Bruh i don't know i'm not even a big streamer so say whatever the hell you want, cause i love that edgy shit!
Following me will give me a huge jumpscare so enjoy!
Any amount of donations is appreciated, donating thorough here will have my alerts scared the hell outta me. I would use it to buy new Pc and Music equipment to improve the quality of the stream and YouTube videos! Thank you! >3<
Donating through the link above goes straight to my paypal with no alerts, but i will still call out and appreciate the donation!
Main Monitor - Acer (KA240Hbmidx 24 inch)
Top Monitor - Mitsubishi Diamondcrysta (rdt232wlm 23 inch)
Secondary Monitor - Dell (SE2416H 23.8inches)
Monitor Arm 1 - Greenhouses LCD Display Arm
Monitor Arm 2 - FLEXIMOUNTS LCD Dual Arms
SSD - Crucial Solid State Drive Standard(SATA)MX500Series 1000GB
SSD 2 - SanDisk (SDSSDH3-1T00-G25) 250GB
Ps4 mic - Takstar (SLR Microphone SGC)
Ps4 sound card - Ugreen Sound Card
Game Capture - Elgato HD60 Pro
Webcam Capture Device - Game Capture ARX 321 B
Camcorder - Panasonic FullHD (V360MS)
Desktop case - SAMA Left Side Full Acrylic Panel (Clear), JAX-02W
Desk - Sanwa Direct 100
Webcam - LOGICOOL Webcam HD 720p
Mouse - JSCO zesuko Optical Gaming Mouse
Keyboard - LANGTU Silent Wired Keyboard Led Backlight
Mic Boom and Pop filter - AKEIE Desktop Mic Stand
Tripod - Amazon Basics Tripod
Ram - Team Elite Plus PC3-12800 DDR3 1600MHz 240pin
Cpu - Intel i7 4770k (3.5GHz / LGA 1150)
Sold out
Gpu - GALAX GeForce GTX 1060 EXOC 6GB
Sold out
Motherboard - H81ME Asus (LGA 1150)
Sold out
Power supply - Antec NeoECO Classic 650W
Speakers - CXLINLO Bluetooth Speakers
Cpu fan - Cooler Master (RR-TX3E-28PK-J1 Hyper TX3 EVO)
Audio interface - U-PHORIA UM2 (Behringer)
PC Microphone - MPM-1000 (Marantz Professional)
Headphones - MPOW Swift Headset
Audio cable - Syncwire Audio Cable
Hdmi cables - AmazonBasics High Speed HDMI Cable
Lights - Led medium size and small ring lights and
Headphone Stand (EURPMASK)
Guitar Stand (Kikutani X2)
Guitar - Squier by Fender Electric Guitar
Guitalele - Yamaha Guitalele GL1
Base Ukulele - Kmise Electric Base Ukulele

Whole list

By the way these are all affiliated links so if you do buy from here thank you >3<