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Doing all kinds of awesome Axie Infinity stuff & repping .

I play video game music remixes in the background. 1 Lemon to the first person to name the game in chat.

I like to use the donations I get to fund stuff I can give right back to the community.
Sometimes I do little give-aways for lemons and ice cream, like "guess how an Axie got its name" or "what video game is this song from"?

I also strongly encourage silly prop bets for lemons, such as "how many times will my tank get crit this game?". Degenerate gambling isn't gambling when it's for low stakes, right kids?


Challenge ID in Axie is `Ben Kelly`

Bulk Axies ->>0x0ED70f92b87ceCeD51a9E472FCD8D93A54A11835