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Hey there, Name is BestoftheWurst.

And it seems you have caught me at my old home! Thank you so much for checking out dlive, but Wurst is now a twitch streamer... yuck! But if you think what the hell might as well. Then click the banner.

I'm a gamer since a very young age, and am mostly on pc for my gaming. Some times I play my Snes, but it's rare.

I have a beautiful wife. Mrs Wurst, and 3 kids! Jonah, Ellie, and my baby Oakley. Sometimes you will see my kiddos on stream.

I have been on dlive since January 1st of 2019. I left Facebook Gaming after a year of being on there and seeing no real growth. I have been a VP since February of 2019.

January of 2020 started streaming on Twitch exclusively.
Chat Rules:

We strive to live by these rules in chat, K.I.S.S.
Keep It Simple Stupid!

1. Don't be racist.
2. Don't take anything we say to serious.
3. Enjoy the content!

Use !command in chat
Exclusively on Twitch now.

I stream:
Monday 8pm-12am
Tuesday 8pm-12am
Thursday 8pm-12am

Also sometimes on Fridays 9pm-12pm

But for the most up to date info keep an eye on my twitter
Discord -

Gaming Accounts
Bnet- BestofWurst#1227
Steam- BestOfTheWurst
Origin- Wurst-Dlivetv

!social in chat also
If you are looking for a way to donate with out using lino and want to use pay pay then click the image and go to my stream labs account.
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