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Big Steve Gaming!
I like to hangout with cool people. Play games. Enjoy life!

Just finished playing DQXI
Currently playing Dark Age of Camelot Free Server
Tales of Berseria
Various shooters if I'm up to it!
Also open to requests! So hit me up!

I'm packin' a

nvme m2 512 with tb ssd
32gb 3200 cl16 ram(haven't OCed yet)
Cullihan v500 case with currently 3 intake fans, 2 exhaust. And 2 fans on my rad exhausting.
50 inch monitor mounted on wall
Got my 3900X! Unlimited Powar! ! Can't wait!
Logitech Pro Wireless mouse
Corsair Wireless K63

Thanks for stopping by. I stream a LOT of the day, even if I'm not gaming I often leave it up so people can come chill and hangout. I can see the screen from around the living room so even if you can't see me, I'm usually nearby and will be back soon! Thanks!