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Just a casual streamer. Mostly stream MUGEN. Sometimes other fighting games as well as other games as well. You can chill here if you want as i mess with or show off some of my MUGEN stuff and maybe do other stuff as such, like try to help a friend(Layanor) with his game.
Just try not to be a douche, ok? OK.
Enjoy if you like.

About BR91X's Capcom Vs MUGEN-Verse
It a project that asks " What if your favorite Fighting Game characters or characters from other Franchises have a MVC2 or A Vs-Style System? "
Also the project focuses on the 2v2 tag system.

There are Plenty of Marvel And Capcom Characters with an MVC2 and a Vs-Style System in this project.
But now there are also a few characters From the SNK and other Series that has an MVC2 system in it as well.

(Fighting System Style - If It's WIP - Franchise)

So Far; Terry(MVC2 - KOF), Rock(MVC2 - KOF), Kim(MVC2 - WIP - KOF), Vannessa(MVC2 - KOF), and Haohmaru(MVC2 - Samurai Showdown), are in it.
Here Are the rest:
Shaonen Jump: Ichigo(MVC2 - Bleach), And Zoro(Vs-Style - One Piece)
Midway/Nether Realm Studios: Sub Zero(Vs-Style - Mortal Kombat)
Rare: Jago(MVC2 - Killer Instinct)
MISC:Homer Simpson(MVC2 - The Simpsons), Knuckles(MVC2 - Sonic Team), The MANE 6(MVC2 - MLP Friendship/Fighting Is Magic), Red Bird(MVC2 - Angry Birds), Gumball(MVC2 - The Amazing World of Gumbal), AND KUNG FU MAN(MVC2 - MUGEN)
These Are the characters I coded/edited and converted into this project. There Are others in the Marvel And Capcom Section that coded/edited and converted into this project as well.
CVS Ken, Neo-Geo-Pocket Ken, Mega Man(mvc1), Mega Man(mvc2), IceMan(MegaMan), CutMan(MegaMan), Pocket Felica, Zero, Megaman X(SNES), Megaman X(Maveric HunterX), Jedah, Arthor, Michelle Heart, Sentinel, Cyclops, Hulk, And Dormamu.
The rest were from Dark Wolf, Walrus Luigi, Mouser, and Redhot.
The Sprite, Sounds, Templates, and Original Coding, belongs to their prospective owners.

What Is MUGEN? THIS( ) explains EVERYTHING about it.