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Just having fun with friends over here, don't mind us :P

Live every day from 16:== - 4:== PM CET (Central European Time) --- Weekends will start earlier, also depending on when I wake up :) --- Stream usually will end at around 00:00 depending on which day it is, if it is a week day, it will end 00:00 or 12 PM, if weekend, it will last till 2 AM

Motherboard : Asus Z310

Ram : 32GB (Corsair)

Graphics : RTX 2070 OC Strix

HDD/SSD : 8 TB in total

2 Servers is now active!

Minecraft Servers :
Vanilla (Currently snapshots of 1.16 upto 36 players..... reserved spots for me and 2 others) :)

FTB Revelations :
160 players
About me
I work on fun stuff, I work with it, and I will make anything funny, trust me.... Even death is funny to me :)
About the crew!
We are a bunch mentally unstable people, we do alot of weird stuff and laugh about it, if you are here, you have the chance to turn away.... Because.... Once you have seen what we do, you will regret it for sure!

Also, We play alot of games, not so many as you would think and we definetely dont play the "mainstream" games, we play what we like to play because we like to stay calm.

Another note : We have a few friends that are even more mentally unstable, but I am the most unstable one, you will learn that over the course of viewing my streams, we are a fully fledge mental asylum on Discord having a blast in any direction that is given, even about something as dark as death!