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I want to offer more help and provide real-time exclusive research and trade calls to my members, which I have successfully been doing for free with our telegram group. To enable me to progress, focus and give more time and energy to my passion (cryptocurrency future opinions and trade calls) it was decided that the natural progression to fully benefit our team of members were to establish a patreon group at affordable prices for all without compromising on quality. During specific critical periods or when I feel the urgency/need I may issue a time sensitive detailed monthly crypto report accompanied with a video to complement the report and to further enhance significant references made and highlighted in the report which i feel need further addressing or explanation that written words cannot offer.

Disclaimer: “The videos and information contained herein are for entertainment purposes only. No information provided shall constitute a solicitation to buy or sell securities or any other asset. The information contained herein is derived from sources that are experimental, unproven and not necessarily reliable. The [owner of this Patreon page]/[creator and/or administrator of this Telegram site]/[creator or producer of this video] does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of said information. In some cases, the opinions provided may be incomplete or highly speculative. Prices, numbers, and similar data may differ from similar data from other sources. These prices, numbers or other data may change without prior notification. This video, report or opinion does not guarantee future performance and the information contained herein should, for whatever purpose, be used solely at the discretion of the viewer or recipient. Neither the creator, producer or distributor of this content accepts any liability or responsibility for any financial or investment results in connection with the use of such information. All information written, verbal and digital is to remain one hundred percent private.Those involved in the creation of this content may seek to do business with or may already have business connections with the companies mentioned within this material and may have either a long or short position in the investment vehicles discussed. Readers and viewers are strongly encouraged to perform their own due diligence prior to making any investment decisions and to seek investment, financial, legal and tax advice from a licensed professional.”

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