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Aight now that we got that outta the way
I'm feeling my way around pretty much just doing what I like. I'm a full time student right now and I've got the time so why not. I'm also a veteran of the USMC so we have some interesting conversations in here - Yes there will be dark humor - no you won't get it all unless your a veteran
What to ask me about
Magic the Gathering
Old School Gaming
Dungeons and Dragons
New School Gaming
Corporate Gaming Corruption
Comic Books!
The New Terrible Movies that should have been recreated like the Watchmen without someone else creative taint on it
and other things
ask me about my UFO sighting!
Things that I will mute for
asking me about going to Iraq and Afghanistan
Serious Political discussions. I can't have them here on Dlive... now with that said... I appreciate some good satire... but it better be good!
I don't know if this should even be listed but I want to make people aware that until I open the floodgates on that topic I don't want it in the chat

Outside that - Lemme see some memes man bring the gossip and the Hype
If you really love the stream and your ready to jump in I try to help and learn from everyone and if you really like the help I tossed ya well heres my referral