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Sup Team,

Blaq Dragend here ready to go live in just a few. First I would like to start with some honesty though.
I have been watching streamers, youtube, and following interesting people with a lot of energy for YEARS, thinking "Damn... I could do that too," but never got around to it. Then I saw YT come in with all their BS and FB stalking everyone. Twitter turning in to pure trash, and everyone overly sensitive to everything not 110% PC.

~~ Gamertags~~
Twitch Blaqdragend
Discord - Blaqdragend
Steam - Blaqdragend
PS4 Gamer Tag - Blaqdragend

~~What I will be streaming~~
- Gaming ( PC, PS4) maybe virtual reality scary games soon.
- Import Cars ( I'm on my 3rd WRX and I love JDM cars with Turbo)
- Advice / Man stuff - I've seen a lot, and Ill help anyway I can ( think Hodge Twins)
- Family My world is a bit out there... only a bit though...
- Workouts / Sports - Trying to lose 100 lbs ain't gonna be easy...
- Fun, Traveling
- Bitcoin I am a full time HODL'er :D
- Random stuff the Team will love ( like weekly challenges)

I'm not perfect nor will I attempt to be. I die in video games, my kid drives me nuts, my wife is always angry, I'm in the middle of losing weight, and growing a beard. I'm a Nigerian/American/ Texan with a Viet wife and a beautiful kid that is 1/yr and spoiled. I'm a Vet of the USMC, former football / track athlete, and I try to go hard in the gym when I can. hopefully yall can follow me filming all the madness.

Id like to take Y'all with me on my rather unique journey, wherever the hell it leads us, when it is just starting

Anyways team... Shall I begin?!