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About us
Hello Guys, We are BlueMeowlody! You may have seen us or heard of us on Twitch.Tv , We are trying out this platform to see which is better twitch or this :) Thank You all Kindly For the support and Viewership, We hope you stick around with us! I'm Blue! And My Girlfriend Meowlody (You can call her Meow) have been streaming together for some years now so expect to see us both here and there :)

Free steam game to a follower every 10 followers

Types of streams ill do:

❤ Gaming streams
❤ Drunk streams
❤ Music
❤ Chatting
❤ Cooking
Tips always appreciated!!!, Tips help increase the quality of the stream tremendously so please consider tipping if you have the chance. Most of the money will go on to get better streaming gear and/or host giveaways for my followers (/>o<)/


❤ Donations of 4$ or more grant you promotion rights in our discord server!

❤ 12$+ Gets you a sticker sheet of our emotes <3

❤ 20$+ grant you a plushy handcrafted by me!! (/>o<)/ (+ shipping if you're outside the U.S.)

❤ 30$+ grants you both a sticker sheet and plushy!

Thank you so much for your generosity. Every donation is appreciated more than words can ever convey! We hope to someday make this into our full time dream someday thanks to your continued support!

❤ Make sure to DM Bloo on discord for your donation rewards and shipping info etc

❤ Please be aware that all tips are non-refundable! Thank you!
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Sub Rewards (twitch)
As thanks for your awesome support, here are the sub rewards we offer! to redeem your rewards simply dm bloo on discord.

**T1 Sub Rewards**

❤ You get a steam game, emotes, and an invite into our Minecraft server! To get these rewards Message Bloo on discord!

**T2 Sub Rewards**

❤ same as T1 PLUS a special role on our discord server plus a our beautiful cat emote **AND** our very own emote sticker sheet!

**T3 Sub Rewards**

❤ All T3 subs receive a catgun emote, and a Plushy made by me!! (Meowlody).

Feel free to request your toys by sending **Blue** a message on discord ❤❤❤! These perks continue as long as you're subbed so make sure to support us! ❤