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On my YouTube Channel, I do a variety of things, from Funny Moments videos all the way down to Reviewing Games, Movies, and more! So go ahead and check out my YouTube Channel, you won't be disappointed!
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Donations are primarily only used for equipment for the streams that we know and love. HOWEVER, they are not necessary and are not required. They simply make the stream better, so if you really want to support the stream and have the money, donations are accepted and appreciated.
1. I'm from the United States

2. I love playing Rainbow Six Siege

3. Computer Engineering is one of my hobbies

4. I'm a disable

5. Waffles are my favorite Breakfast
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BluestuffHub is my official Discord. It's basically a relax spot where any and everyone can just talk and have fun, and, yes, you will be notified of when I stream and Upload on here as well. Go check it out by clicking on the image!
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Streamlabs OBS is a great starting point for those who also want to start streaming. Simply download the app onto your computer, have it auto-setup your stream, and BOOM, you're done! You can even add in overlays to make your stream look amazing! All you have to do after that is click the "start streaming" button, and then the rest is history... So download it, it's completely free, and you won't regret it!
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5. isaiahq023
6. whoisthisboi1234

In the Future, I will be adding loyal fans who have earned a spot in the Bluestuff Hall o' Fame! Stay Tuned!
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