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Like Bear Grylls, nothing is wasted!
🍋1 Lemon______ $0.012
🍦1 Ice Cream____$0.12
💎1 Diamond_____$1.20
🚗1 Ninjaghini____$12.00
🚀1 Ninjet_______$120.00
(Let me know if this needs to be updated. TY so very much for supporting our future!)
Influenczar's Crew (Weird is Accepted)
IMPORTANT: I am not a "right or left winger." I have no identity nor do I need one.

NOTE: The discord link is permanent.

Please read the "1st contact" thread, ask questions before jumping to conclusions & patience plz. Thanks for you time & efforts. (I am testing your worthiness.)

I will assign you the role "Fuel" once I notice that you joined & please read 1stContact text thread.

We communicate with pictures & memes most often when we can't speak to each other vocally.

ME=old/41years old. I have very few deal breakers & I will be clear about them.
I have no filter & many words.
Deal Breaker: Poes/infantile adults or average kids are usual where I draw the line. (Anomalies of all ages are welcome but The Influenczar's Crew is not for kids so ask your parents 1st.)

Other than that; I do not judge you unfairly but I will be honest with you at the same time, meaning that I do not enable anyone.

respect each other for what we are good at & do not judge them for their flaws as the most flaws are temporary waste that
are pruned away over time.

Respect/Deal Breaker 2: Thinking is what I am good at, so failing to respect that is a problem for me. The rest of the world's logical beings will feel "slighted", just the same as I do.

Respect Deal Breaker 3: Fix your mics & do not waste anyone's time with noise pollution on the internet.. f'n noobs = instant ignore.
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