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What am I supposed to do with these? I'm the man whose gonna burn your house down - with the lemons!
PC Specks: OLD

Consoles: most of em

Mic.: Blue Nessie I found at the flea market for like a buck

Monitor: ASUS i found at the flea market for like 2 bucks

Keyboard: Dell IDK what kind it is my friend just gave me one.

Mouse: not a joke its called the MMO Uranus

Headphone: random 20$ Sony brand i bought at best buy

Chair: Office

Webcam: some random one i found at thrift? i think could it have been at the flea market as well.

Favorite color: The third one

Age: Look at PC specs

Favorite Game: Depends on the day.

Favorite console? Onlive... no the Ouya. because its always fun to laugh at something.

Game that made me cry: ...Does the red ring of death count? because I cried the third time I played that game.

Game that made me laugh: Look at my favorite console for answer.

Games: Enough