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i I'm Botch. I'm a college student who dreams of being the next big thing in the wrestling industry. On this channel you will watch some of my deepest life stories unfold in the world that I love most which is wrestling. Here you will find compelling stories, captivating characters, and historic matches that will leave you chanting "This Is Awesome". Join me and the rest of the outlaw family as we watch these stories unfold together.
Catch some of the best wrestling action:
Tues: 2 PM EST
Thurs: 2 PM EST
Fri: 2 PM EST

Weekend streams sometimes but not often...
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Ravage Championship Wrestling (RCW) is a Xbox WWE 2K Universe Mode w/ CAWs and the in game roster with storylines/bookings done by me. If you want your CAW in our universe here are some of the guidelines.

1. Overall does not exceed 96
2. Bookings are done by me so don't be mad if your wrestler is not booked they will be eventually once a storyline is worked out
3. Realistic moveset (not having finishers as regular moves)
4. If you have a CAW in the universe be in the stream to support your wrestler. You don't have to make every stream of course but this universe is all about interaction. I want the best for your CAW as much as you do and being here is a part of that.
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