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Welcome One and All
Hi and welcome to my Channel .

Feel free to kick back a relax with me and enjoy the game that you may or will like.
feel free to talk to me as i do like to chat about almost anything but like everyone i will not now everything.

I really hope you stay and watch my Chanel grow and a follow would mean the most to me, enjoy the games people :)
Noel, I’m 33 from Ireland.
I have been playing video games since I was 10 years old. The first game that I remember playing was saga tennis on the game gear and sonic on the saga Mega Drive.
The most recent games that I like are shooters like COD,GTA, any racing game and Rainbow Six Siege.
I love playing video games and talking to people, Other passions I have is music and tattoos / art. I do find it difficult to read as I have dyslexia but I don’t let that hold me back.
I have an amazing wife and daughter, they mean the absolute world to me.

If you enjoy my content then hit that follow button, its much appreciated 😊
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The Rules to Keep
There are some rules and there simple.

1: Be nice to people on this channel.

2: Don't be a bully (No one like to be picked on)

3: Racism is a No No ( The only important race is the Human Race)

4: Heat Speech is not allowed at all

5: Spam or advertising will get you a ban
(if you wish to advertise join my discord so either myself or my moderators can verify your link)

6: Being Sexist is also not allowed

7: Don't be overly grotesque with sexual innuendo's towards other viewers

8.Don't Be negative towards the streamer,people in Chat or towards the platform. Everyone has a right to give out about something but I'm not a Psychiatrist, My Mods and I will punish the people that brake the rules.

9. Don't ask me to open the Chest, it will open when its good and ready
Be decent and don't be Toxic
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and meany more streamers that i can't think of right now..

Thank You for all your help make me grow as a streamer :)
No Schedule yet but hoping to have one Monday, Wednesday and Friday