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About Me
I am a variety streamer and just generally want to have a load of fun by streaming for my viewing community.

I have a habit of acting quite crazy when gaming as it is something I enjoy but I also want to be able to interact with my viewers and generally have a laugh and joke.

For any viewers who wonder why my speech is fast I have cerebral palsy or CP Quad and it affects my arms and legs and other things including my speech however I already talk naturally fast!

Please keep your questions polite and if I don't see a question feel free to ask again.
Channel Rules
1. English only please unless you are a regular and I have expressly given you permission to talk in another language.

2. Please don't state my own rules to me as I wrote them and have a photographic memory I won't forget them.

3. If I am trying to set a time on a game or beating a time challenge only give me advice if I ask for it what works for one person may not work for everyone I have to play to my strengths and use my own strategies.

4. Please try to refrain from overzealous public displays of affection, I like a compliment as much as the next person but when it goes past a point well what goes on in the bedroom between two people should remain there.

5. Respect my moderators they are not only mods they are my best friends, Some of them have seen me at my worse and I’ve been very fortunate to have them stay with me for both the bad and the good times. If the mods tell you something twice please do not make them repeat it a third time (Not heeding the second warning will lead to a timeout as you were warned).

6. No making members of the chat uncomfortable if it gets to heavy and you have to be warned more than once the second time will result in a timeout.

7. Should I ask for help only one person needs to offer and should a mod want to give me advice for upcoming difficulties ahead allow them to do so and do not question them.

8. Please respect all the viewers we will have no bullying or harassment, joking around is all well and good but please remember there is a limit and we are all human.

9. No religion or politics.

10. No self-promotion (If I give shoutouts it's different or if mods use a command ).

11. The chat is R rated and sometimes we will talk about adult matters if you wish to join in the conversation please remember to be respectful and try to understand people’s point of view even if you may not agree. Healthy discussion is allowed.

12. Finally all I want to be is Brett (just Brett) that means as much as you guys may love what I do please don’t make me out to be something I’m not. I’m glad I inspire people and make you guys happy but I’m no god. We are all equal.

PC Specification
GAME CAPTURE - Elgato Game Capture HD
CPU - AMD Ryzen™ 7 1800X 8 Core Processor 3.6 GHz (4.0 GHZ TURBO)
RAM - Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 12GB (3x 4GB)
HDD - 750GB Hitachi DataTraveller
SSD - 120GB Kingston
MONITOR - Acer K222HQLBID 21.5 Inch HDMI LED Monitor
MOUSE - SteelSeries Sensei RAW Heat Orange
KEYBOARD - SPEEDLINK Parthica Core Professional Gaming Keyboard with LED Illumination
MICROPHONE - Blue Yeti USB Microphone Blue

Download 54.48Mbps Upload 18.32Mbps