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Well... mom always said I was "special" so let's just go with that for starters. I've spent the last six years in prison...

...not as an inmate but as an instructor. I try to pay it forward by helping inmates rebuild their lives and teach them computers and technology. (Getting them ready to get their Microsoft and A+ certifications.)

I'm just getting back into gaming and hope to gain enough support on my streams to eventually pay off my bills and live a happy, debt free life. To learn more, just watch the stream. (My wife won't watch. She says I "over-share." Go figure...)
I try to stream several times every day during the week. On my way to prison I stream around 6:15am for about 45 minutes to kick-start my day.

After work I stream around 3:30pm for another 45 minutes to vent or decompress from a stress filled day. Ahhhh yes....

Once I get home, I usually eat something and relax for a little while and then will usually stream from about 7:00pm until 10:00pm. Join me if you can.
1 - Don't be rude, crude or obnoxious.
2 - Have fun and laugh a little. Life is short.
3 - Respect others. Even the idiots.
4 - Don't be a racist, bigot, sexist etc.
5 - Be patient with me, I'm trying to get better.
6 - Toilet paper goes over, not under.
7 - Mountain Dew is a sixth major food group.
8 -Watch Mr. Beast and Barnacules on YouTube.
I appreciate any tips you toss my way for my efforts. You can even click the image above and tip me on Twitch if you want. Since I'm still new to streaming, I'm not sure how all the tipping works but I am always eternally grateful for any support you toss my way to help me pay off my bills.
One of the biggest ways to encourage me and show your appreciation (besides tipping) is to follow my channel and drop by to watch or chat when I stream.

Over time I hope to become better and meet some great people so why not be one of them and follow me today. Thanks.
One of the best ways to really support my stream is to subscribe each month. Your generous monthly subscription helps improve my stream.

Remember! If you have Amazon Prime, you can also visit me on Twitch and subscribe to a channel of your choice on Twitch for FREE. I would be honored if you chose my channel. Just click the image here for more information on a Prime Subscription.
I stream to several platforms at once to try and reach enough people who can join in and help make my stream better.

The answer is no. The backgrounds you see when I am live streaming are not real. I have a green screen that I use to put cool locations and sometimes silly backgrounds behind me as I stream.

I stream from a small area in my living room where it looks plain and boring.
Welcome to my channel. My stream is unplugged, unhinged and uncensored. I stream a laid back show that I hope will be entertaining as my young son tries to teach me, an old gamer, the latest games and strategies. Help him, help me.

Let me first tell you that I suck at games... all games... I sometimes die just waiting to respawn back into a game... respawn death. It happens when the actual game software feels so sorry for me it performs a mercy kill instead of having to watch me die again at the hands of other better players...

Never-the-less, I will keep playing and suffering for your pleasure so feel free to drop by and chat. We can talk about my lack of skill, lack of hand and eye coordination, my late night wailing and rending of my garments as I come to terms with my inability to compete with a nine year old gamer that's been playing since he was a fetus.

We can talk about pretty much anything. If you don't like the topic, jump in and let's change it. Since I'm a relatively new streamer that's building a base of followers and subscribers, your participation is what really makes things interesting.

Thanks for stopping by, watching and joining in. Like most people, I enjoy intelligent conversation and any opportunity to have a few laughs or talk about ANYTHING that is remotely interesting. Join me each night and we'll have some fun.

Hope to see you soon and Follow Me if you can! Thanks everyone!