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Hello! It's good to meet you! I'm Brother Daniel and I am an artist. We stream our art here every Tuesday and Thursday. We may also go live when struck by inspiration!

We are here to build a community, a Brotherhood if you will. We want people to come in and feel welcome to talk, share, and be involved with what's going on. If you have a tablet, then by all means follow along! We want you to be comfortable here. We are family.

Welcome to the Brotherhood!

Command List
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- !Commissions
- !Facebook
- !kyoudai
- !requests
- !salvation
- !supplies
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If you feel led to donate to the channel, then you can follow either of the links before to do so! We appreciate any donation received!
1. Let's keep everything rated G. This is a Christian Channel.
2. No sexually explicit content of any kind being discussed in the chat.
3. Do not be a bully. We are all different and deserve respect.
4. I may not agree with your religion or lifestyle and you may not agree with mine, but we can be respectful. No arguing or name calling.
5. No self promotion. If you want to talk about a game, fine, but do not promote your channel or your videos or post any of your links without permission from myself first.
6. All rules go by a 3-Strike rule. You get two warnings. Third strike, you're out.

Guardians and DLive staff have Brother Daniel's permission to mod this channel.

- xThePreacher
If you need prayer, let us know and we will put you on our prayer list below and pray for you at the end of each stream!

Current Prayer List: