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Hey! guys I'm Jenuel from Philippines.
I just started DLIVE in April of 2020 and excited to be with you guys.

I'm just a simple guy in Baguio, Philippines. I have a passion for streaming but I don't have much to buy new tools for streaming. But I'm happy that my father bought a Normal laptop, hoping to make this happen. I play varieties of games like FPS(I really like FPS Games like PUBG) and MOBA. For Now I can't stream FPS because my laptop can't handle the streaming while gaming. I'll use my phone for now and stream and talk to you guys :) <3
I can act a bit of an idiot on the stream and i would like to say sorry in advance hehe, if anyone wants to talk about anything don’t forget to drop your question on the chat box . I’m not a perfect human being. I make mistakes sometimes also.

“I'm 100% loyal to anyone that shows respect as I'm a strong believer of treat people the way you wish to be treated!!” - from streamer Kevjrobbo

I also agree to this, that if you respect us we respect and love you as well :)

“Don't be a salad, be the best damn broccoli you could ever be.” - this is from pewdipie

I also agree to this, as I said I’m not perfect but let us try to the best that we could ever be.

Love You Guys :)
Hi, you can also donate though paypal :).

This donations will not be used for me only but also for the bills heha And MOSTLY FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF MY STREAM and For me to Produce A better content for you guys.
-Respect mods/myself/others in chat.

-No spamming links in the chat.

-English only please because maybe I don't speak your language.

-Feel free to ask to join, but don't be offended if I'm with friends or just feel like playing solo.
Hi Guys! Follow my favorite streamers too :) You gonna like them.
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Why not subscribe and become and help me end my bills XD HEHA
This is me guys, I told you Im simple hehe Just walking to meditate in this picture.