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Happy Times on DLive! // Overwatch // #Brockoholics #DLivefam //
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Hey! Welcome to BrockUK’s channel where you can find top PC & Switch streams of your favourite games with raging entertainment. Join BrockUK, the Brockoholics & the "Tiny-Brocks" for fun and mischief! Everyone who is anyone is welcome!

Be sure to follow my channel and join in the fun sunshines!! LET’S RAGE!

In order to give back to the amazing community on DLIVE, I give the opportunity to either add more LINO to the chest or to open the chest depending on the result after the "Brock Wheel" is spun. Spins are given away by the following accordance:

☆ Open chest but value is < 100 = 100 Lino
☆ 1 win in-game = 1 spin
☆ 3 losses in a row in-game = 1 spin
☆ Hosting BrockUK = 1 spin
☆ When a subscriber of BrockUK enters chat during live stream = 1 spin
☆ Clipping an amazing scene! - 2 spins
☆ GIfted subs = 2 spins
☆ Someone sub / resubs = 3 spins
☆ Ninjagini donation = 10 spins
☆ Ninjajet donation = 1k in Chest + 10 spins

Highest Chest Opening - 6.1K LINO
On July 30th 2019 I proposed to the love of my life! She has been my absolute rock since we met in 2013, and we are planning our wedding together.

Due to my 1.5 years redundancy, I am struggling to save for our big day with the amount of money I had to borrow during my unemployment. I setup a GoFundMe page in case anyone out there would be so kind enough to help us.

Any donation, no matter how big or small, is greatly appreciated:
SCHEDULE (starts at 7.30pm GMT Mon - Fri // 2.00pm Saturday)

☆ Monday // Overwatch
☆ Tuesday // FPS (BFV, CoD etc...)
☆ Wednesday // No Stream
☆ Thursday // VR
☆ Friday // Overwatch
☆ Saturday // Community Game
☆ Sunday // No Stream
☆ Caps allowed in moderation
☆ No outside links, ask first!
☆ No advertising of all sorts! I promote loyal Brockoholics that truly deserve it!
☆ No Bullying, No Swearing
☆ No harassing other users
☆ No flooding or spamming
☆ No posting of private contact information
☆ No impersonating other members
☆ Racism and sexism will not be tolerated
☆ Respect Mods as you would respect me
☆ I have the final say, this is my house thus my rules

Feel free to donate by clicking on the link below! It is not expected but will be eternally grateful! Donations are non-refundable.
☆peachyindiaa☆ - $240
Malcreado - $100
Sgtmi11ar - $80
Tatskichu - $70
Harli87 - $30
DHAFTY - $20
Greenlight Games - $10
MegadethVxc - $10
Solaceone - $10
Carmy - $5
Crossfire151 - $5
DefinatelyNotWowno - $5
Lark_Ranger - $5
ShadowDragon1000 - $4
MRGHOST123 - $1.40
XxPsychoCuddlesxX - $1.40
Hornsboy23 - $1
Pinksters Awareness is aiming to raise money to establish the charity as a fully fledged UK charity with a registered number and raise awareness on mental health and chronic pain / illness awareness' . In doing this the lino/donations will be used to develop and put towards things such as online support forums, meet up areas (i.e. coffee mornings etc), conferences which will be held by Pinksters Awareness charity, charity events at things like fete/event days which Pinksters Awareness can attend to raise awareness and offer support and being able to give platforms for guest peoples voices (i.e.- running of the website to maintain peoples blogs, art, poems etc) also more things to develop along the way, like the long term goals of offering therapy sessions etc...

Every first Saturday of each month, any LINO donated to BrockUK during livestreams will be given straight back to Pinksters Awareness' DLive account to help support day-to-day operations and funding long-term projects. Please check out their social media for more information about Mental Health Awareness #PinkstersAwareness