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Channel Goals & Making Things Clear
1. Raise awareness about prostitution by openly communicating and educating others about experiences from someone with over 4 years experience in it.

2. Create support for organizations that fight against human trafficking globally.
(***ALL and ANY donations to the channel will be donated towards organizations that fight against human trafficking.***)

1. We are NOT trying to teach anyone how to be a prostitute or promote it. This is not a tutorial, but a memoir of someone with experience in the industry.

2. Things said are all based on personal experiences and personal opinions. In regards to prostitution, the experiences and opinions in our streams are coming from Western Europe, and may be drastically different in other parts of the world.

3. Chat - Please feel comfortable to ask any question (or post in the discord). There is only one main rule: Be respectful of all others.

4. This is not being broadcasted for popularity or monetary gains. Our main goal is to raise awareness and fight against human trafficking.
(***ALL and ANY donations to the channel will be donated towards organizations that fight against human trafficking.***)

5. Sex should always be consensual, especially when there is money involved.

Memoirs of a Broken Flower
On this channel i'm going to tell everything about a shadowfilled world of escort/callgirl/everything to do with it.
without holding back, i will reveal all to you... from getting ready, to the (hidden) dangers this world entails..
Help & Support
If you need assistance regarding violence, abuse, sexual assault, or are suffering from depression or thoughts of suicide, please contact the applicable hotlines below for assistance:

Support for violence or abuse (Australia)
1800 737 732

Sexual assault support website (Australia)

National Domestic Violence/Abuse Helpline (UK)
0808 2000 247

National Sexual Assault Hotline (USA)

National Suicide Hotline (USA)
Have respect: I'm doing something that most won't even dare to do....
NO profanities, i'm not here to show you guys nudity, but to share a dangerous part of my life, that most condemn.
No asking for chests, will be opened at end of every stream...
Donations are very much apreciated, but in no means an obligation. ALL donations will be donated towards organizations fighting against human trafficking.
Yes, I have an onlyfans, but will make no public mention of it, unless its on topic... expect the same from you...