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Brusky is new here but a 10 Year Veteran Youtuber
with over 1300 Subscribers and Over 2000 Videos Available Mostly Gaming , some political,some other. Making new homes .
I want to talk politics and i cannot over there as we all know.Im happy to join you all here and hope its a nice experience.Thanks if youd like to sub i appreciate you all.:)
Im on YouTube ,Vimeo , VK Live , Afreeca Tv , , Facebook Gaming , Trovo , Rumble and Bitchute.
I am the CEO of The Halo Spark Forge Network (36 Youtubes) and the founder. I am a map designer , Community Manager iForge Halo Map Design Team, Speaker Hsalo Outpost Discovery 2019 Chicago , Made4waR Gaming PUBG IGL Pro Team
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MAGA Forever
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Brusky0086 on for backlog
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please don't bother if not
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you are appreciated and will always have my gratitude
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