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ABOUT The Abnomally that is Bryce From NZ ...
I am a Minecrafter - Mostly Stream on Youtube @ Bryce From New Zealand
I also do Lottery Scratch Tix every Wednesday at 11 am NZtime (link in the Bryce From New Zealand Links section)

I am looking at bringing a LOT of my streaming over to DLive (and all the logistics of that )

I like to stream random crap (like me driving around for no other reason than to give people a scare when I'm on the "wrong" side of the road...)

I also stream from a few select events throughout the year.
Bryce From New Zealand Links
I can be found on a few Social Medias these days, but more responsive on discord.

I Normally go live at 11AM NZST on every wednesday to Scratch some Instant Kiwi Lotto Tix on Youtube (link below)

My discord is a heap of information (not streaming based) - for example you can follow updates on the latest Rocket Lab Electron Rocket Launch amongst other stuff.

My Discord: DM Me over Twitter or Instagram and I'll drop the link there otherwise I will Dropp it in my live streams

My Discord Alias: BryceFromNZ#8799

My instagram:

My twitter:

My Youtube channel:
Treasure Chest - Open once a month
MY Treasure chest will only open once a Stream! - You will never know when it will happen so you better be in my chat when it does or miss out on a good lump of lemons!

(Sometimes it may not open in a couple of streams) - if this is the case it usually means that it does not have enough lemons or I consider it not enough to warrent opening it.

This is my choice as streamer please do not question it.