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Hi all at the moment I do not have a set schedule. I stream for now whenever or whatever time suits me. Most of the time it is very often but changes at my discretion! Do make sure to hit that notification button to be notified when the new stream is out!
#**If you want to be a part of THE CHAOS74X CONSORTIUM! COMMUNITY come join! You will be welcomed with CHAOTIC arms! HE! HE! HE! (Evil Laugh)**
You would think most of these would go without saying! but...

Be respectful to everyone
Don't be a douche
Limit the use of ALL CAPS
No spamming
No spoilers
No links without permission
No self promotion unless approved
No Racist Talk
No Homophobic Talk
No Harassing the Followers (Or Guest), Timeouts/Bans will happen.

No unsolicited backseat gaming. I want to experience the game for myself.

Don't start any problems, This is my happy place. I will remove you to keep it that way.
Don't Stream Snipe, it ruins the fun of the game, the fun for the viewers, and if needed I will ruin your fun too.
Self Promotion is rude, don't do it.
Channel Under Construction!
Please excuse the channel! It will be under continuous construction do to the many incarnations that **CHAOS** and his community will undergo! I'm also in the process of figuring all this out its a lot but please bare with me as this will change. Thank You very much!
You never have to TIP! Any TIPS are always appreciated and go to funding my stream!!! Thank you!

So says MR. FOOY!
You never have to donate! Any donations are always appreciated and go to funding my stream!!! Thank you!** Says MR. FOOY!
How does it work?

1. Click the LOOTS panel image and it will take you to my Messaging Page,
2. You’ll compose a message and submit it.
3. After a short delay, the sponsored content & message will appear on stream.
4. Thanks to the sponsored content, your message is wont cost you for it to be displayed on the stream.
Fashionable pullover Hoodie, Stylish flexible Hat, T-Shirt Mens/Unisex, & for your liquid needs a Mug! Great for all occasions! Looks great for casual wear & your liquid refreshments. One of CHAOS'S personal favorites!


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Right now what we can offer is worlds apart from what we will offer in the near future. As we grow bigger, so will our benefits to you.
We have a lot of experience with running organizations and building up communities, and the Unllimited Organization has already grown exponentially since our launch on 4.20.19.
Furthermore, we have access to a huge userbase. What we have is a guarantee of growth with a great starting point and an insanely passionate team of professionals.


We are geared up to fund competitive teams on all platforms & we are currently searching for team members.
Our first LAN event will occur upon the release of Halo Infinite.
We currently sponsor teams in online leaderboards and wager games for those of you interested in assistance please
DM ll or


We offer streamers access to our team twitch channel so as to boost their stream and their follower base. We engage and support our streamers. Additionally all of our streamers can request a custom clothing line from Unllimited- which we create at no cost to the streamer. We then sell their line on our website and give the profit back to the streamer to support their stream.

Please DM II if you have any questions about the many things that we offer our members in addition to what's listed above.

#**Our Motto:**

We work for you, you don't work for us.
That is our promise to you.
That promise is what birthed this brand.
Together, we have no limit
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