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If you plan on streaming or not use this referral key to get a bunch of free rewards It took some time but we did it and we made it to the next level. SO very soon I will be able to have our videos saved for 25 days. I can upload other videos so some of my classics from YT are going up here. Not everyone but the ones where we interview movie stars. Me and Larry Really need you help. We need 100 followers and subs in 10 says. I think to sub its like $2 and when you sub you get rewards like extra coins and also can take part in any dlive event where they get famous people to jump into peoples streams. So all we can ask for I s to continue what you have been doing cause when we get to the next level things will get nuts. So please follow which is free or sub which is like $2 and we need 100 0f them.

P,S,- i think the subscriber feature will be in effect in a week or 2. When that happens we need you help.

We love you all and this show is the highlight of my day and we could not do it with out you!!!!!!

We want to do things different then any other Chanel. So we allow anyone who wants to to come into our videos live and hang with us. If you on a pc then go to and go to join meeting on top and type in the 9 digit # we will provide in chat. If your on cell phone then go to your app store and get the zoom conferencing app. Open the app and hit the join button. then after that put in 9 digit # in the chat. We don't want to use chat. We want our chat on screen face to face. every is invited and we can handle 100 people. So don't be scarred. Me and Larry and the most awesome people to talk to.

This channel will be all about crypto, current events, our doomed governments , our fiat banking problem. We also talk just normal current events going on in the world. Also I would love to talk about conspiracies and get everyone's take on it. Also in every video i will be attempting to give away 10's or 100's of thousands of dollars. Don't miss out and FOLLOW US to have a chance to win. We will be doing daily videos,

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