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Hey guys, CryptoViking here. I am a passionate gamer that loves playing games like Overwatch, Story Driven Games, Apex Legends, etc. My highest rank in Overwatch so far is Platinum originally as a reaper main but have since completed the climb to platinum with Hammond my new favorite character in the game. I absolutely love card games and strategy games in general. I am a Viking at heart and also when money allows for it do some cosplay of vikings/god of war aka kratos himself. Come hang out have some chill conversation, fast paced action gaming, and make some new friends.
The rules are simple: Even though the platform is decentralized that doesn't mean free reign of saying or doing whatever. Be respectful of each other. I do not allow racism, sexism, bigotry or especially anything related to rape, pedophilia, or other crimes against humanity joked about, threatened, or promoted in this channel. If any of this occurs its grounds for an instant time out from the channel. If you harass others stricter forms of punishment will occur including a permanent mute. Thank you everyone for trying to keep this a hostile free zone for all chat viewers! Also please keep anything linked in the chat within these rules as well :)
Currently at Platinum rank in Overwatch after many seasons of grinding from the bottom. 7 time Hearthstone legend with multiple 12 victory arena wins. Also came 2nd in a paid Hearthstone tourney!
Malefice: Such a generous dude has given me so much over the last two years I've known him!

more names coming soon here!
2020 DLive Schedule until further notice
Due to chronic illness from crohns disease I am unable to keep a consistent schedule and will stream as I have the ability and energy to do so. Sorry for this inconvenience.