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Best way to support me is to share my channel, keep my streams on when you go afk, and generally interact with the content! You can also donate by clicking on this panel, but that is never neccesary
If you would like special BTS content, get access to YouTube videos early, be apart of the content creation process, Join the Patreon! with that you get exclusive perks on the Public Minecraft server!
Minecraft server!
This is a public Server for the community, it focuses on having a good time and not ruining others experience. Make sure to join my discord for all the rules and to join others on the server.
Stream gifts
If you would like to feed my addiction of Dr. Pepper and Tam-tams feel free to buy a stream gift through Throne to get it directly to me! or you can recommend other gifts and ideas. Check it out!
Commands, Point shop and leader boards!
Want to see what this stream offers? Besides being on all your favorite platform, you can use points earned by watching the stream, and make me do odd and interesting things! You can also see who has how many hours watched and how ever many points! just go to and enjoy!