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Name: Phil
Location: Canada

My channel will mainly be IRL and some gaming.

I’m an avid gamer just like many of you. I own pretty much every system so I thought I would start streaming various games. Anything from NES, SNES, Sega all the way to current gen consoles and PC games.

Check out my Website for tons of more goodies!!
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If you would like to support the stream further, all donations are appreciated! I will give you a personal shoutout & work on making the stream even better!


By donating to my channel, you are claiming that the money being donated is your own money and you are willingly and voluntarily donating this money. You acknowledge that you are receiving no items in return for this donation, and that the money donated is non-refundable.
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YES! We are on Youtube as well!!
1. No racism. This is a mature stream but keep vulgarity to a minimum in chat.

2.Don't post links or images that promote other streamers (unless permission is granted), are pornographic, gore related or of malicious intent.

3.English only in Chat and Discord

4.Banter between two people is fine, personally attacking someone is not. Respect one another.

5.Keep the Chat and Discord clear of religion and politics.

6.Mods reserve the right to take disciplinary action at their discretion.

7.Have fun!
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My Timezone is Eastern Standard. Compare your time to mine here:

IRL Chat whenever I feel like streaming or something interesting is happening. Usually:

Monday: 9PM EST
Wednesday: 9PM EST
Friday: 9PM EST
Saturday: Afternoon-ish
Sunday: Afternoon-ish