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About Me
My real name is Alex but y'all can call me Banshee. I am married to the nerd of my life.
I live in Kentucky but i was born in Chester, Pennsylvania.
I try to stream as many games as possible but my main is apex legends.
If at anytime you want to play a few matches me you are more than welcome to and my gamer tags are below. Do not spam my discord or chat please. I am trying to learn self control and exploding on someone mid stream is not a good look for me anymore. :) I am trying to be the next big streamer minus the controversy :P

Discord: CannaBrat #8139
Twitch: HighHarley
Steam: 889252921
I am currently not accepting donos through dlive.
Dlive has always taken a cut from their content creators. It has only gotten worse over time. So until they stop feeling entitled to the creators pocket. i accept donos through my cash app below, any amount is acceptable , even just a dollar is appreciated and will still get a shout out as i see them come in.

Cash App - $alexbryant19
CannaClub Rules and stuff
Thanks for stopping at my stream and looking down at my about. Please feel free to chat with other viewers as i enjoy chatting with viewers and hearing y'alls feedback on my stream.

That being said here are some ground rules for ya while you are on my channel...

1. Follow the rules you would on other peoples channel. simple right? no racism, self promotion.

2.All Videos and music played on my streams are NOT owned by me unless i state otherwise and i use them for breaks and entertainment purposes.

3. please refrain from angering me. That includes but not limited to calling me out for my appearance or voice, calling me or any of my viewers names and self promoting without permission.
please refer to my note at the bottom of this section if this rule is an issue.

Current Followers Goal: 1000
Lemon goal: 10k

note: if my husband is in chat and you manage to piss him off, his word is law and you will be permanently banned from chat.
Schedule (Subject to change )
Schedule :
1-5pm CDT
12-5pm CDT
12-5pm CDT

Weekend streams
2-7pm CDT

Pyrowolf92 (hubby)
SilentOne94 (My right hand )
Games I Play
This selection will be expanding as i get the funds for them but in the mean time i mainly play the following:

Apex Legends
The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt
Saints Row 3
League of Legends
Diablo 3
Sims 4 ( Strangerville ,Realm of Magic, Vampires , island living, city living, more to come )
Destiny 2
Spyro: Reignited trilogy
Vr Chat
Call of Duty: Warzone
More to be added later