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Hello and Welcome to The Flight Crew

If you wish to join in game use <your_ingame_name> and i will add you to my friends list, you can also join my discord even if you dont care to play in game or dont have the game.
I am an older casual gamer living in the central US that has been building my own pc systems and playing various pc games for over 30 years.
I play a select few games, and tend to like Early Access and Alpha Games ranging across many genre's, with my Current Favorite games being a few Space Sims (Star Citizen atm) and some Open World Survival games.
Feel free to join my Discord to discuss games and for announcements, questions or w/e when i am offline. I also allow players to use voice on stream when they join me in game.
Intel i7-7700k
Asus Prime 270a Motherboard
Corsair H1 Liquid CPU Cooler
Asus GTX 1070 Dual Fan GPU w/ 8gb DDR5 vRam
Corsair 16gb (16x1) DDR
Corsair 650watt Modular PSU
CORSAIR 120GB PCIe M.2 SSD (Star Citizen)
Western Digital 2tb Sata3 HD (Everything Else)

Additional Gear:
Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X
Logitech PRO Flight Yoke & Throttle
Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals
EarForce PX21 Gaming Headset
Star Citizen

If you are thinking about getting Star Citizen, you are welcome to use my referral code that will give you 5,000 extra starting credits for the game.

Just click the banner to use this code and create your Free RSI account (purchase is required to play)
My modest Fleet.
Drake Corsair
MISC Freelancer
Origin 325a

These ships are currently available to me InGame.
Constellation Aquila - Loaner for Corsair
MISC Freelancer - Game Package
Origin 325a - StandAlone Ship
Anvil F7C Hornet - AC Loaner for Freelancer
Drake Buccaneer - AC Loaner for Corsair

Greycat PTV - InGame Purchase
Tumbril Cyclone - InGame Purchase
Tips are Always Appreciated but Never Required

All Tips will be used for games and/or gear for the stream