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Hello everyone, I'm CaptShambles! I have been a content creator for 10 years. I am a verified partner on dlive and community guardian. I stream a variety of games. I love Battle Royale games but love to try all sorts of games. I am part of the TGU Network, Streamer for Dlive Legends, and part of the ThumbCulture team

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If you want to support the stream even more without Lino, just use my link or click the panel. You will get a custom message as well every time you tip! Donations aren't required but highly appreciated! Thanks for support!
I stream Monday - Friday
Starting from 10am EST (US) / 3pm BST (UK)

I do stream on Weekends depending on how I feel!
Join my discord to connect with me off stream and also to be able to play with me on stream!
1. No Racism
2. No Self Promotion
3. Don't Ask for the Chest
4. Do Not tell me how to game
5. Don't suggest a game for me to play.
6. Respect my mods and the streamer
I have a Youtube channel with over 1000+ Subs, I don't post as regular as I used to but There will be at least two videos a week!
For 298 LP you can Subscribe to my channel which greatly supports my Career. Subscribers will get
1) Sub Badge
2) Sub Only Stickers
3) Sub Giveaways
4) Priority in Games
5) Role in the discord