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D'News starts Thursday's at 8pm Central time zone
Due to surgery this show is postponed but me and sinscore are still looking for up to 4 more regular weekly hosts to fill the 5 slots. We will be using for adding your video/audio feed to our stream it is a nice simple app that requires no sign up to use it which is bad ass. The premise of this show is news from 5 different people and 5 different perspectives. Each host will bring 1 main topic to talk about from their respective field of expertise they will make their statement and following that the other hosts will all give their reaction to the topic and then move on to the next host's topic. No topic is off limits as long as it can be done in a professional manner. We do not censor however with that in mind i am not looking for hosts that just want to get away with saying the word fuck on public radio. Oh yeah forgot to mention I have a pirate radio station where I live and the show airs on that local station as well as dlive. I am Captain Deshi and I represent politics for D'News bringing what I consider to be the burning topic in politics every week and sometimes leaving you with a burning in your colon that only malox can treat. Sinscore represents the tech industry. So there are a lot of avenues of discussion open to be added as long as you can be confident enough to talk about your articles and information in detail and not stumble through you will be a fun addition to the panel. type !deshi for my contact information.

Show archives will be available on iTunes podcast i think its called now i might add it to spotify i would rather find a volunteer that can manage all aspects of the online archives since I am getting old and don't really want to deal with it.
I am Captain Deshi 42 years old, I am married to my amazing wife ScatterBug and I have a kick ass son Connor, I live in the middle of the North Woods of Wisconsin. I am disabled with type 1 diabetes, gastroparesis, and ptsd so I do not work. I am the stay at home parent and my wife goes to work but i rather enjoy taking care of my son. My primary education is in computer science but i rarely worked in the computer field when I was able to work. I was a jack of all trades master of few. I ran a pirate radio station for over 2 decades, and I have been broadcasting on the Internet since the very first audio stream applications came out in the early 90's. When it comes to music I really like 90's hard rock, punk rock, or the occasional 90's hip hop. I am so deep into internet streaming and chatting that I met my wife on my broadcast we dated for 2 years online and then she moved out here and 4 months later we got married and not long after that we got pregnant. my life is pretty much an open book to an extent and i am always willing to lend a hand when i can but this is as much personal details as anyone will get out of me on the internet.
To make a request visit .

D'Rock is not meant to be just rock and roll just became a name i blurted out and it became the unofficial name of the music programming at the station. I urge you to really use the website if you want to pick your own genre. requests are limited to so many per hour per day but its fair. generally if im not in studio requests will play every few songs or so. I tend to leave the station playing hip hop kind of odd right for an old metal musician but i seem to feel i can relate better to old hip hop than i do modern rock punk and metal.