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Shalom! Welcome to my channel. I'm a lifelong drug - addict and carer of 3 of my wife's boyfriend's kids. I was hurt on the job, and I'm currently not physically able to work (#NEET LIFE). When i was working I would mop the floor at brothels. I love ALL gaming, and having FUN with local school children. I'm a VARIETY STREAMER. I enjoy Team Sonic Racing, Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania the most. I also love Sonic Runners, and Sonic Dash. I'm new to DLive, and i believe in the potential of a Chinese cryptocurrency. Sit back chill, and enjoy yourself. Love thy enemy. Positive (HIV) vibes only!

Schedule: whenever I'm handy-capable. Most streams are at least 1 hour, but usually much longer. Sunday is for the Lord. If you come on in the afternoon and there is a girl streaming; that is actually me cross dressing. Say hi , and be respectful.

Rules: 'If we don't have rules, we have nothing...' This is a stream on the internet, so it's the equivalent of nothing.


Games Finished LIVE on Dlive: imagine being a man with 3 Pit-bulls and enough time to finish a game.

Specs: GoFundMe Coming Soon! So save your money pay-pigs.

Consoles: Kickstarter Coming Soon! So be ready to steal your parents credit cards.

If you are interested in joining my community officially DM me on MySpace, or Gab.Ai . RcG = Relentless Cake Gluttony Est 2013 , we also have one of the largest clubs on Xbox search. Looking for Gamers club almost at 2 members. We can help you grow.

How to get mod
1. Noose
2. Knife
3. Nissan Exhaust

If you would like to support my stream without using lino. Donate here

DISCLAIMER: [Deez are jokes, please forgive me Mossad and/or China]