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Yo just a dude from Portugal, just finished my Masters in Computer Science, have a good doggo named Sacha and 2 Toitles that are as old as me.

Like my gym and my games decided to stream the games instead of playing ALL BY MYSELF, might as well hang out here.

Schedule is 3 times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 8:00 PM GMT.
How do i redeem the Incent codes? Prefix is CARIO

1 - Download the Incent app
2 - Enter the code that appeared on stream
3 - Profit

If you want to use Incent on your stream just click here

Incent is a cryptocurrency, it is essentially money that you can redeem. Feel free to ask questions about it.

This is also a way for you to support the stream without any money being involved. Also a way of saying thank you for being here. It's free real estate!
Donations are all appreciated. But just choosing to spend your time here is awesome!

These donations will go towards stream upgrades, so i can make it a better experience for everyone. Things like lighting, new mic, camera all that good stuff.

If you chose to donate thank you. Donations are appreciated and not refundable.
If you want to support the stream while getting some games, use the link in the image 🤟
#Not that many rules here dudes.

Keep it chill
Don't be a dick
Keep it either in English or Portuguese
Just be excellent to one another!
I make reviews for some of the games I play here, and I drop them over on Youtube if you want to check that out.