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Welcome to the stream channel of Carly.H (CarlyChannel). Carly.H is a freelance artist known for working on her webcomic series Gravity Rider, making art for lesser known content creators such as Kishti's Movie Corner, as well as other projects she may be involved in.

This is where you can be able to see her work on her creative magic live on the inter webs! (And also at random times, mess around in video games, lol.)
We stream every weekend, of course there will be some certain occasions where we might cancel a date set plan, due to irl situations or lack of motivation, but we always make sure to notify when we start.

Time: 7-8 PM PST / 10-11 PM EST
When: Preferably Saturdays
Status: OPEN
Payments: PayPal Only

All details and pricing info can be found here:
Be sure to read through the guide and terms of services before ordering.

You can also check out the online Trello lists to get a sneak preview on all future art pieces.

Personal Art:
Commissions, Requests, and Collabs:
Help the channel grow and make our content look better by donating! If you monthly sub to any of these sites below, you'll get 10% off of future commission prices, as well as get to see the stuff we make a day early before they get released.


Click here to leave a small tip on stream:
While we may not have the equipment and staff to sell commissions physically, we do have a merch store that sells most of our work. If you have particular design in mind for a shirt, sticker, notebook, or such, we will put it on the Trello lists.

Carly.H's RedBubble:
**Read and follow these carefully**
+ Don't be that dude and go harassing other users in chat.
+ No spamming emojis, weird messages, copypastas, or anything that's considered annoying.
+ Don't be a jerk and start causing drama.
+ Opinions and critique are always welcome, just be respectful to us, as well as each other.
+ If you are told to stop, then STOP.
+ You are given three warnings, if you use them all up, you will be banned.
+ If you have caused serious trouble, there's a big chance you'll be insta-banned.
+ No self promoting in the chat, unless you ask the admin or mods for permission.
+ Don't ask to play games with us. If we're doing an open room game, your more than welcome to join, but no begging.
+ You may request whatever drawing or game you want, but DO NOT throw a fit if we deny it.
+ Once you are banned, YOU CANNOT evade it. Any donations you have sent will be forfeited as well.
+ Just try and have fun. :3
Q: Is Carly your actual first name?
A: Yes it is.

Q: What does the H stand for?
A: It’s the initial for my last name. For the sake of valuing privacy, I’m leaving the answer as mystery.

Q: What art program do you use?
A: Clip Studio Paint

Q: What art tablet do you use?
A: Wacom Intuos Pro

Q: What program do you use to record your streams?
A: OBS (Open Broadcasting System)

Q: Do you take art requests?
A: Only on special occasions, usually after reaching a certain amount of followers on a social media site. If you’re lucky, there might be a stream where we’ll take random requests from the chat; so be on the look out.

Q: Can I request a game for your livestreams?
A: Absolutely. Just fill out this form and we’ll take it into consideration: