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Hello I'm 25 years old And i'm from the UK
I Have autism but I don't let that stop me, I have the spirit of a tiger and I am the leader of the Tigers den, The tigers den is a place where people are welcome and safe no matter what gender, orientation, age, disabilities, please be respectful and follow the rules.
My Goals are every hundred
If you are in need of New gaming chair, secretlabs are the best choice you get extreme comfort and many years of warranty, you can use my referal link my clicking/tapping on the image above
*Please speak english
*No swearing.
*No spamming.
*No sticker spamming (will result in mute/ban)
*No racist/nacist comments.
*No politics/religion.
*No bullying or picking on others in the chat.
*No hate on Mental Illness
*No self promotion in the chat
*No spamming making clips
*No Putting links in my chat without permission
Donations are completely optional and I am grateful to all those of you who do.
Every 10 Followers = 1 Spin
Every Sub = 2 Spins
Returning Sub = 1 Spin
Sub streak = 1 Spin
!spin = 1 Spin
!spinx2 = 2 Spins
1 Host = 1 Spin
1 Diamond = 1 Spin
1 Ninjaghini = 10 Spins
1 Ninjet = 20 Spins + open chest
Tiger Gems are the interactive currency within the channel.

the commands are here:

To see who has the most=!leaderboard
to see how many you have=!tigergems

!lightsaber = 10 gems
!pokemon = 50 gems
!failed =10 gems
!eevee = 50 gems
!tune = 100 gems
!spin = 1000 gems

sub only:
!shock = 50 gems
!sleep = 100 gems
!Avengers = 150 gems
!pokemon2 = 200 gems
!spinx2 = 1500 gems
!chest = 3000 gems
This is the list of Shiny Pokemon I have hatched:

Shiny Shinx 149 Eggs
Shiny Zoura 1405 Eggs
Shiny Kantonian Ponyta 115 Eggs
Shiny Growlithe 748 Eggs
Shiny Alolan sandshrew 257 Eggs
Shiny Alolan Vulpix 95 Eggs
Shiny ScorBunny 284 Eggs
Shiny Litten 136 Eggs (square shiny)
Shiny Stufful 527 Eggs
Shiny Magikarp 80 Eggs
Shiny Pichu 649 Eggs
Shiny Eevee 69 Eggs (square shiny)
Shiny Porygon 864 Eggs
Shiny Rolycoly 555 Eggs
Shiny Rockruff 1648 Eggs
Shiny Vulpix 243 Eggs
Shiny Rockruff 13 Eggs
Shiny hoenn Zigzagoon 679 Eggs
This is the list of Shiny legendary Pokémon
I've caught With Dynamax Adventure Encounters:

Shiny Mewtwo 14 Encounters
Shiny Giratina 2 Encounters
Shiny Rayquaza 153 Encounters
Shiny Solgaleo 33 Encounters

Wild Encounter pokemon:
Shiny Registeel 2361 Encounters
Shiny Regirock 6149 Encounters
Shiny Regice 7335 Encounters
my first Gig^^^