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I've been playing video games ever since I was a youngin'. My first console was a PlayStation 1 and that's definitely where I fell in love. I then got an Xbox Original for Christmas where I used to play split-screen Halo with my dad and cousins. (You can watch me open it here: ). Once I got an Xbox 360 I was introduced to online multiplayer which changed my perspective on gaming forever! I met a few people on Xbox Live who told me I should get a gaming PC. Terrified of learning how to play with a mouse and keyboard, I went and built my PC at age 13. I've been mainly gaming on PC since! (Not the same one tho ;))
I try and focus my attention on my YouTube channel so you won't see me here everyday and it will be kind of sporadic. As I'm able to put more attention to creating content I will figure out a schedule.