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What's up, everybody?
Ceaser Madrazo here!
I'm a small YouTuber using dlive to try out some livestreaming!
I'm mostly known for playing DDLC mods, but I play other things too.

Visit my YouTube channel by clicking my logo above!
Discord Link
You can also join my Discord server by clicking the Discord logo!
StreamElements Tipping Page
$1 - Message appears on screen
$3 - Message appears on screen for a longer duration
$5 - Text-To-Speech message appears on screen
$10 - Text-To-Speech message appears on screen for a longer duration
$20 - TTS Msg + YouTube video reaction!
Send me a YouTube video link either in your message, or as a DM on Discord, and I'll react to it live on the stream!
(I reserve the right to stop watching, or not show the video if it crosses a boundary I don't want crossed on my livestream.)
$50 - TTS Msg + Video suggestion: Send me your idea for a DDLC mod video on YouTube, and I'll make a YouTube video out of it as a way of saying thanks for your generous donation!
(Video will not exceed 10 minutes in length. I reserve the right to modify the video idea if I do not like the initial idea you sent. I will make a video that's as similar to your idea as possible, while staying within the bounds I'm okay with.)
$100 - TTS + Video Idea + Camera Privileges: The bonuses from the $50 donation, plus if you so desire, you can show up live on screen.
(I reserve the right to remove your audio and video feed from the livestream if you say or do anything that crosses a boundary I do not want crossed on my streams.)