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Personal Rewards:
$1 - I'll thank you, and give you a shout out on the livestream!
$5 - All previous rewards, and I'll promote your social media during the shoutout! (Let me know what you want me to promote by DMing me on Discord.)
$10 - All previous rewards, and you'll have unlimited access to the stream voice chat, where you can talk to me all you want to! (Tell me the email address I should send the invite to by DMing me on Discord.)
$25 - All previous rewards, and you'll get a personalized 1 minute thank you video from one of the Meta Series characters!
(Tell me which character you want in the video by DMing me on Discord.)
$50 - All previous rewards, and your personalized thank you video will be increased to 3 minutes, and can include multiple characters, and you can even pick the setting, and the events of the video!
(Tell me the details for your video by DMing me on Discord. NSFW requests will not be accepted.)
$100 - All previous rewards, and you'll have unlimited opportunity to join the stream via webcam, and actually appear on screen!
(Inappropriate behavior will result in this privilege being revoked. :) So be civil, please.)

Goal rewards:
$100 - I will increase my pledge amount from 10,000 won per million coins to 15,000 won per million.
$250 - A special video featuring the Meta Series characters will play during the livestream, and will be uploaded to YouTube.
$500 - I will release two episodes in the next week, instead of the usual one.
$1000 - I will release four episodes in the next two weeks, instead of the usual two.
$2000 - I will promise to re-grow my signature beard and mustache.
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What's up, everybody?
Ceaser Madrazo here!
I'm a small YouTuber using dlive to try out some livestreaming!
I'm mostly known for playing DDLC mods, but I play other things too.

Visit my YouTube channel by clicking my logo above!
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You can also join my Discord server by clicking the Discord logo!