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Rules? WHAT?!?!! ZERO HAS RUES?!?!!! Damn skippy I do. There here for a reason so please check over them. WARNING: Common sense stuff isn't posted but they do apply.

1. Be Respectful. Racism, Sexism and Discrimination will NOT BE TOLERATED. I don't care what your beef is with player1234567 don't bring it here.

2. No Political/Religious Posts. That simply starts arguments and my stream isn't the place for it. Jokes for it though are allowed.

3. Art Requests will only be accepted if you're a follower and you actually been around for a while. I know this isn't really a rule but this is a strong regulation. Please obey it.

4. Please do not ask for "follow for follow" or to join my game. It's annoying when you tell someone no and they don't feel like listening...so don't yeah? If you do want to join please remember to be respectful to others! I'd really hate to have to kick someone...

Oh,you want to get to know me huh? There's not much to say about me really. Like most streamers I have no real life outside of video games. What is light?!?!?!!

Really though I'm a normal person who likes things like art, anime and animals. Something you might hear noises in the background. I have three brothers all of which are disabled. If you hear them feel free to say hi! I also love meeting new people regardless of where they're located on the globe! If you don't speak good english thats fine. I'm American and I can barely speak it too :D. Join me in chat and we can work on it together!

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