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I've been playing video games since saving your game wasn't a thing lol I'm probably old enough to be your mum but I still enjoy gaming and I also do some IRL streams when I can get out, there isn't much about here where I live.

My ultimate goal is to save for a narrowboat and live off the canal systems of England
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I am a mature student - when I first went to college I couldn't finish the course as I became homeless and had to drop out to get a job.

At the age of 35 I have decided to go back but there is zero financial support for college students (you only get financial support if you are at university).

I am applying for part time jobs as I live on my own and have financial responsibilities but if you would like to help support me while I am at college you can donate lino or to streamlabs

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Please note, streamlabs donations do not show up on the stream.

Lino amounts:

1 lino (lemon) = 0.012 USD (1.2 US cent)
10 lino (ice cream) = 12 cents
100 lino (diamond + a dance) = $1.20
1,000 lino (ninjaghini + dance) = $12
10,000 lino (ninjet + dance & I might cry) $120
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