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About Me
Hey Fam! I'm Chelsea Luna. I'm a Youtuber that likes to laugh and make you laugh! I just do quirky Crazy IRL Livestreams with my BF, or by myself three times a week! You can challenge us to do dares, get guested into the livestream, or watch us do a scary freaking ALONE CHALLENGE in a TOP SECRET HAUNTED LOCATION. All livestreams are different. I hope you enjoy our content, and I'd like to personally welcome you to our internet Family! We're all family here! Love ya!
My Funny Youtube Channel
Check out my Youtube channel where I post videos to make you laugh! I also post stories about my strange and unusual past, and travel across the country while filming all the things that go wrong along the way!
My Paranormal Youtube Channel
Check out my Paranormal Youtube Channel where I post Scary Evidence of all things paranormal. If You're feeling a little spooked, see shadows wandering
around your room at night, or you can't sleep because something keeps scratching at your door wishing you'd let it in, THIS IS THE CHANNEL YOU WANT TO SUBSCRIBE TO! I wish you all good luck and safety. Remember upon entering the channel, paranormal events are real and dangerous, and watch at your own risk...
My Boyfriends Youtube Channel
Check out my boyfriend James TheFam's Youtube Channel. He is a Blind Savage that Explores Abandoned Locations and Investigates Paranormal Activity. His findings are so scary that his videos have been shown on the news!
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Checkout my Instagram for photos, skits, and behind the scenes exclusive content!
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Check out my twitter for EXCLUSIVE UPDATES on when I'm streaming, POLLS on future content / live-streaming Ideas. When you follow our twitter, your also joining our community of lovely, kind-hearted members that will welcome you with open arms! It's truly a great community, and I'm so proud and glad to be a part of it!