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Streamer is offline
I stream daily in the outdoors or IRL content.
Currently working on some changes to my setups so i can stream in all weather and condions)
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►Snapchat: Chilloutdoors
*White water kayaking
**Scenery and chill talk (relax in the nature)
**Donation trip/content (I set up some donation goals where viewers can donate and when goal is reached owe stream the trip/content)
**Meet ups (Meet up with other streamers and join them or them join me on trips in the outdoors
**Monthly Noob Gaming (Once a month i will do a gaming stream with other streamers here on Dlive, end of the month)
**SUB Contest
Every month i do one or more SUB giveaways or contests that is written in my discord, so if you are a SUB, join my discord and you get notified when the Giveaway/Contest will be.

I will mainly do giveaways with outdoor gear and products to help more people get in the outdoors and have fun.
Breaking any of these will result in a Mute/Ban
1. Don`t say things you would not have said to your mother in chat
2. Don`t ask for chest or beg for Lino
3. No spam
4. No racism, politics, hate speech or other garbage you deep inside know is wrong to say
5. No self promotion
6. English only in chat

Whats not getting you muted is showing your awesome and nice to me and all my lovely followers, be nice as it gets you longer in life.
My name is Robin and i am 36 years old and come from Norway.

I am the CEO of the company Gstove ( ) where i design and develop outdoor products for my own company and others, this is why i am in the outdoors so much.

I am a chill outdoor person that is easy to get in contact with so if you need help or a good talk, give me a shout:)

I have 3 kids at the age of 3, 5 and 9 years that sometimes will show up on my streams making it not so chill. hehe

As a outdoor streamer the stream might break in bad reception areas, when this happens im usually back up shortly.
All Donations goes to purchasing new fishing hooks i loose on my trip and appreciate the support. hehe
Sometimes i set up donation goals also for trips or gear needed to do special content for you that will be streamed after goals is reached.
**Discount code for Gstove products**
**Made a discount code for all of you followers in the webshop , use code "Dlive" and get 15% discount.**
Sometimes i do special content, check my website for planned content.

Dates are updated if changes are made.
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