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Streamer is offline
UPDATED [20/10/19] - this will happen this year

I be streaming Random Days so i dont have ETA

but i be using for Streaming Coding / Chilling streams

but if here for gaming, sorry but thats Exclusive on Twitch only but can follow me @

Someday if im happy and feel ok stream on Dlive as AVG of people supporting then i be Part time streamer on Dlive but still streaming Twitch Exclusive only but will see.

I love all followers and support i got from starts till now and i feeling like i really want leave Dlive because lack me not growing and not hit Affiliate over Dlive for all hard work i put on Dlive. so Your choice where want me Stay by Casting VOTE @
Goal Push
I want inform to Everyone reads this Panel, This is going be Goal that i trying Push for donations / Linos and more.

This Things im getting but, If got Tick on them means already got it and i will update Goal all time for new stuff.

This Year and Next Year GOAL is:

Nintendo Wii(With controllers/Sensors and Rechargeable batteries pack)

1. Nintendo WII U
3. Xbox 360
4. Xbox One S
5. PS3
6. Nintendo Switch
7. PS Vita
8. PSP

And Extra Money can go Towards Games or Adapters make my console capture in HDMI for capturecard i have

Starting NOW with goal i getting and Online Access too.

You can find more whats Goal is and how you support @ OUR DISCORD:

or you can Support by !loots Free. by every 12 minutes of Support
Hello my name is ChisdealHD People call me Grant or CHIS, I am a Small Streamer With Small content and I been on Twitch almost a 4 to 6 years.

I am Small streamer and I love to Grow my YouTube channel and Twitch/Mixer/Dlive be a Biggest Community as I can.

I was happy I got Twitch Aflicate and got Twitch Prime for free of my MUM and I worked hard Streaming and brining out lot good Content/Warframe Users out there. I am a Small Warframe community and I love to be partner with them and Discord partner so I can get discord .gg URL, My goal is Brining Games you guys like and Play together make Big community with Others and Help Others Aswell.

I'm planning on few streams is Play Hypixel Minecraft for basic game and till I fully upgrade my PC step by Step then I can play bigger games what you guys get Mind Blow.

after I get Parts/Gear I can Help Users/Members on Warframe and Other games on Stream lie Help get Banshee Prime and Ect. and other games like Diablo 3 and few others I can help you rank up too not extra cost for helping others all FREE.

If want check out and seem more Information about me Let me know I like talk others and make friendship who I can trust and worked together as team.

NOTE: i want Try Raise Funding to get new PC Parts to make my PC VR Ready and buy Octlus Rift CV1.

When i did First and 2nd time on VRChat in VR i enjoyed for first time but shame is my pc not supported for VR, and Lack of me getting a JOB and i tried many ways get 1.

and people think im doing it for money liget its not Required. money for Bonus if i get lot supporters on it.

and you can Donate free using !loots or $1 a 1 Streamloots Chests

and i want to Grow my content i wanted end up to where i can make Mixer back as my Mian home since i started mixer 2015 and i left 2016 because my accoutn was hacked back days and my account got deactivated from uknown unautherized. and since wasnt on my hands that i never shared anything. they just managed guessed password and mess round StreamJar and few other things after i seen Giveaway Spams. then i moved to Twitch after i got my acccount back and i losst 400 to 700 Followers and most my mods too.

so if you get this issue ALWAYS have 2FA on your Account.

and i want make this back as my home and push for Sub button on mixer so i can cancel my Twitch Affiliate for good.

And get Affiliate over Dlive too since Dlive cool place for me using Crypto but shame most my stuff non-crypto at all part Silver TV

Hope I see you on Stream <3
Click the image above to donate and your message will show up on stream! (Donations are non-refundable and you are not paying for a service, by donating you agree to these terms)

Please NOTE: You will get the Role on Discord too by how much donated TOO! and updates Monthly
• Media Share - £10 - $3 per second max Duration 500

Please note: Media Share is for Backup that if dont have Twitch Subscriber to use Official BOT, but You can Sub with $5 Tier 1 and you still get all Subscriber Perks and stuff and Please do not Abuse it or it will get removed and Disabled

If want Donate by Bitcoin, Ethereum and more, you can @ 1UPCOIN -

• Text To Speech Bits - 10 Bits
• Text To Speech - $5
• Show On Stream - $1
● Processor: Intel CORE i3 4CPU 2 CPU - 2 Hyperthreaded
● RAM: 16GB
● Graphics Card: Nivida GTX 560 TI 2GB Card
● Mouse:auroza High Precision Gaming Mouse with DPI
● Keyboard: Default keyboard DELL
● Monitor: Bush TV, Screen size: 1920x1080 in HD 1080P
You get 7 day Affinity booster.
40% off for your first Plat first Payment
and get Added to my Friends List

works with XB1/PS4/PC/ and more consoles.
If you want to support me through my Affiliate link for humble -

You get get points and i get points for playing you get more and i get more -

GMG - - for cheap games and a discount and i get a kick back as well

Overclockers UK - Get best Gaming PC And support ChisdealHD too -

You Can check out Dlive and become as Streamer on that Platform -
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3. EXPGatherers - 372
4. EXPGRadio - 240
5. BatchGamingTV - 213
6. MrWhiskurs - 183
7. RainbowWolf69 - 67
8. Zombie-Boar - 40
9. MrHaney - 30

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SOON (i dont own integration YET)
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SOON (i dont own integration YET)

Updated: 11/08/19

I update this every 1 months time, if i don't update it months time. please YELL at me XD
Don't have Subscriber Button on this Platform YET!

But i trying Pushing for 1