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Hey all, my name's Chris, and I'm a Variety Streamer. You'll see me play everything from AAA FPS titles, to MMORPG games with the community, to Indie games, and everything in between. If you enjoy the stream and the awesome chat environment that comes with it then please click that follow button.
If you wish to support the channel financially, and earn youself some extra goodies in the process, check out our Patreon page by clicking the Patreon image above.

Subscriptions start at just £1 a month. It's entirely optional, but very much appreciated.
So throughout the whole of 2020 we are running a fundraiser for SpecialEffect to try and raise £2020, with various donation incentives and goals on our journey.

Every time we get a stream payout, 50% of whatever i get paid will go to the fundraiser page, so every single Patreon sub and donation supports the fundraiser by adding to the pot.

Type !se or click the image above to go to the JustGiving fundraiser page to find out more and drop a donation directly to the fundraiser, and type !goals into chat to see a spreadsheet with all of the active goals running at the moment.
Donations are never expected, but are massively appreciated. Any amount you can spare to donate to myself and the channel will be put back into the channel in one way or another, unless you have a particular request ;)

All donations are at your own discretion and are non-refundable.
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