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Monday - Friday 7pm CST Saturday, Sunday 12pm CST and bonus streams throughout the week. Friday night is Apex Legends Custom games, and Sunday is follower games.
About Me!!
Welcome to ClappinCheekz! Do you like seeing fast & furious game-plays with exciting visual effects, compilations, kill cams, stream snipes, and unstoppable kill streaks? I stream & post exciting edited game-plays every day 7 PM Central Time!
Donations are never required, but always appreciated to help improve stream, equipment, and to do giveaways for you awesome fans!
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1. No trolling of any kind will be tolerated.
2. No racism of any kind will be tolerated.
3. We are all here to enjoy some games
and hang out with each other, so no
douchebaggery will be tolerated.
4. No sexual misconduct will be tolerated.
5. You will respect me and my
mods/admins as the final word.
6. We are all here to have fun.
7. Any violation of these rules, first you will
get a warning, then the big, bad,
banhammer will fall. Except extreme
My Setup
Streaming PC: MSI B450 Gaming Pro motherboard, Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, Cooler Master 212 RBG Air Cooler, RX 580 GPU, 32 GB Corsair Vengance Ram, 2 TB Hitachi Storage 7200 rpm HDD, 120 GB SSD for Operating System.
Gaming PC: Musetex tempered glass case with 6 remote controllable RBG fans, I5 9400 CPU with Cooler Master 212 Air cooler, EVGA RTX 2060 GPU, EVGA 750Watt G5 Supernova PSU, MSI Z370 Motherboard with built in bluetooth and WiFi, 32 GB Corsair Vengence RBG Ram, 2 TB WB Blue Storage HDD, 1 TB Samsung Evo SSD.
Consoles: PS4 Pro 1 TB White
with Scuf Vantage 2
Xbox One X 1 TB Black
Moniters: Main Gaming moniter- 27 inch
Acer 144 Hz 1 ms fresh rate
Secondary moniter Acer 21 inch
Third Moniter: HP 21 Inch
Perephials: keyboard-Razer Huntsman
Mouse-Razer Basilisk
Hyperspeed X
Webcam-Razer Kiyo
Headset-Astro A40 with
Mixamp Pro
Microphone-Blue Snowball