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Welcome To My Channel ...

Hi im Jamie Aka Cockney .... Just a Regular Dad to 3 beautiful kids . who you will see from time to time haha .... Was a console gamer for many years and recently just switched over to pc Gaming ..... I like to Play PUBG / Cod and many more :) I Am By Far The Best Gamer Ever .... But aslong as im Having Fun With The people Im playing With im Happy

You are all welcome here no matter who you are or where you're from.

If you ever fancy a few Games just send me a msg on Xbox Live Or even on My Facebook page

I am open to any suggestions to improve the stream and your
experience watching, just let me know.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!

My Stream Schedule is as Following :

Monday ..... 12pm - Late

Tuesday ..... 12pm - 7pm

Wednesday ...... 5pm - Late

Thursday ..... 10am - 3pm

Friday ..... 7pm - Late

Saturday ..... 5pm - Late

Sunday .... Family Day !!!!!

All Stream Times Can Change From Time to Time As i Have 3 little monsters That Also want Time With Me <3

At The Moment Im Currently Using ....

Xbox one X ....
Elite Contoller Series 1 ....
Turtle Beach Steath 600 ....

Pc Setup ......

Gigabyte Z390 UD
Intel I7 9700kf ...
Corsair H80i Cooler
Nvidia Gtx 1650 OC 4GB .......
Klevv Bolt X 3200 mhz 2x8Gb (16gb)
Acer 24" 1ms Gaming Monitor
Integral Nvme . m2 ssd 256Gb
Western digital 1tb Hdd .....
Bm-800 Condenser Microphone
Advent - Full 1080p webcam
TeKnet Gaming Mouse ....
Hyso One Handed Gaming Keyboard ....

Please drop in and show some support for some of my favourite streamers
My Wish List With Items Im Currently Saving For My New Gaming Rig ....
As My Old Pc Will Be Able To Handle Streaming Im Gong To Dedicate That To My Full Time Streaming Pc ... And Now Im Currently Saving Every Penny !!!!

You can also donate via Paypal if you wish.

Donations are not essential but highly appreciated.

All donations will go into improving the streams and ensuring I can produce better content.

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If You Would Like To Join A recently Formed Dicord Server Full of Like Minded Gamers .. Or Just To Find A few People Who Like The Same Games
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